Jesus Creed

Too much snow this winter in the Land of Lincoln:’
Chicago will miss Wally Phillips, fondly called “Wally What’s His Name” by Bob Collins:
Earth Hour tonight at 8pm.
Really good story by Karen.
Day in and day out, Eugene Cho is one good blogger … and this little post about my pastor being a janitor is a(nother) good one.
Thoroughly modern do-gooders.
My son-in-law, Mark Barringer, is working on this Willow Project: Hunger 08.
For those of you who have Holy Saturday services, Fr. Rob Merola has a great meditation you can print out and adopt and adapt next year for yourself.
Ed Gilbreath collects some links about race and rage and prophets.
A postmodern remix of C. Michael Patton’s famous map … I hadn’t seen this map but it is funny.
Chris Ridgeway has put Mark Driscoll’s talk about emerging into a full script on pdf.
JR Woodward begins a new series on conversion — is it a 4-letter word?
My review of AC Thiselton, Hermeneutics of Doctrine, at Christianity Today online.
A piece I wrote for Rick Warren’s Ministry Toolbox.
David Fitch begins a two-part review of Brian McLaren’s Deep Shift project. Along this line, check out TSK’s interview of Brian McLaren about criticisms of EMC.
An excellent article on L’Abri (in Switzerland), and Greg Laughery, who often weighs in on this blog, is quoted a few times.
1. City-wide internet plans are taking big hits.
2. Bob Robinson on Obama and Jeremiah Wright and the RR’s rhetoric.
3. Growing length of life disparities between rich and poor.
4. 4000.
5. Homeless in Heathrow.
6. Two of my favorite pastors on funerals: Fr. Rob and Jim Martin.
7. John Frye’s giving the Westminster Confession some grief.
8. Ted’s got a good new post on listening.
9. If you’ve read this far, Mark Van Steenwyk’s piece on racism and the mountain of bones is a serious piece, but well worthy of serious pondering. Michael Cline’s follow-up is a concrete, Franciscan-Anabaptist perspective that I like.
10. At the bottom of my list this week is this sadness.
Just in case you are interested in self-employed and insurance struggles.
My new driver. This is my official warning to Mark Galli. Make way for Sumo 2.
Tiger had a bad Saturday but he put up a good run Sunday afternoon. Good for Geoff Ogilvie.
What in the world happened to David Duvall? And I feel bad that Davis Love II hasn’t been able to stay closer to the top in the last two years … one of the fine gentlemen of golf.
Baseball … it’s in the air.

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