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St Patrick’s Day in Chicago, NCAA tournament, and pastoral ministry:st-pats-1.jpgst-pats-2.jpgst-pats-3.jpg

Here’s how they dye the Chicago River green.Grandma’s marked-up Bible.Jim Martin on a pastor’s seven deadly sins. Part two.Pastoral and thoughtful.Here’s a story worth reading: Barack’s mother. And here’s some more about Barack’s family and father.Obama’s speech: YouTube and printed form.Overheard: Bo Ryan, head basketball coach at Wisconsin, on his game with Illinois for the Big Ten championship game: “We’ll just take it one possession at a time. I know that’s a cliche, but the reason it’s a cliche is because it’s true.” AFLAC!Andy Rowell’s excellent post on the use of technology for teaching youth. (HT: Jim Martin) My suggestion: prepare your stuff and let the stuff shape the media chosen.The Archbishop on writing. (HT: JB)Nothing like a good story from a good storyteller.Marko on male pronouns for God.Gospels online … cool resource.By the way, is a healthy, active political blog.1. Sad report of the world’s dirtiest cities.2. A season of pastoral challenges from Don Johnson.3. Muffin theology and Mercy theology.4. Homeschools and women’s basketball.5. Christians and sex. (HT: Jim Martin)6. Another interesting study of East vs. West on reading the mood of a person.7. Tony Stiff summarizes Tim Keller’s new book.8. Wow, quite the story of Gorbachev. (HT: Michael Kruse)9. Professors, Facebook, etc.10. Sorry, Marko, to put this down here, but I’m running out of space. Which is the best rock and roll song? Is it this? I think it’s this:Or maybe this:Sports:Lorena Ochoa — the toast of Mexico and #1 women’s golfer in the world.The Cubs closer (Kerry Wood) and igniter (Fukudome):closer.jpgfukudome.jpgThose lovable, generous Cubs.Seven in a row, or five in a row … it doesn’t matter. Tiger’s the best.tigerputt.jpg

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