Jesus Creed

Here’s the big one for the week: Pew Forum’s survey of religion.
A good post to weigh in on … about loneliness.
What would you do if you didn’t do what you are doing?
I’m not sure I understood it all, but Michael Kruse’s post about who is getting taxed is worth attention.
Nothing to say here … prayers. (HT: Karen)
Rules for complaining.
Future World Series Champions…
Baby polar bear with its mom.
1. Larry Norman … Jesus movement singer … passes away.
2. Our prayers are with Joel and Renee and baby.
Weigh in on this one, by Josenmiami, if you have some thoughts.
4. Immigration issues and pastoral response.
5. Go Katie!
6. You got it Erika … love it. That’s why we have dark psalms, Job and Ecclesiastes, and dark hours in the Gospels and Acts. And no one can say Hebrews 11 folks had it easy…
7. Insightful and interesting.
8. A brief on Peter Rollins.
9. Again, our prayers for June Bug.
Matchless play

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