Jesus Creed

Dear Scot,
Thank you for your support and insight?and thank you for sharing your blog with me/us. While I am not a stranger to the blog community, my wife has never quite recognized the value that the blogosphere offers until this past week. The diversity of experience and unity of heart touched both of us more than words can express. We have been given much to think about, references for resources helpful to our journey, affirmation in our method, and objective conviction regarding some areas of our leadership and witness. I think that this experience will continue to produce fruit well into the future; in fact, I?m sure it will.
One such fruit is already being evidenced; at least I believe it is. There were a number of people that confessed their prayers for our situation. I imagine there were many more that were/are praying who did not tell us so.
My son?s demeanor seems much more peaceful over the last several days. This might be considered a fluke or may be just the normal adolescent pendulum swing of emotions; however, my wife very casually shared that it would make him happy to attend the youth conference and asked if he would consider attending. Without so much as a moment?s hesitation, he answered, ?sure.? I can?t say for certain what it means and what may happen during the conference, but we will be praying for his heart to be sensitive to the voice and presence of God.
Thank you, and the blog community, again for the opportunity and sharing experience.
?j? aka ?dad?

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