Jesus Creed

“At the center of the Jesus Creed is the Shema, and at the center of the Shema is the God of love, and at the center of the God of love is the word ‘one.” (From 40 Days Living the Jesus Creed.)
The oneness of God is more than “common being.” That idea, however true it might be, is so Platonic. The oneness of God is more than common being; it is mutuality in relationship so that God’s being is a being-in-relation. This kind of theologizing is not without importance.
For generations scholars have referred to the persons of Trinity as caught up in the perichoretic dance, the interpenetration and mutual indwelling of each of the Persons in one another. Jesus said that he and the Father were one and he called us into that same perichoretic dance with the Father.
Pentecost, the Day on which we are indwellt by the Spirit, sweeps us up into the dance of the Trinity. We are summoned to the dance floor, the music is grace and love and holiness and peace, and the music is supplied by God and his people is invited to sing along and dance along.
Pentecost, my friends, is an invitation to a dance. And it gives us the energy and power to pull it off.

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