Jesus Creed

Just in case you didn’t see this back on the posts on Tom Wright’s book: here is Tom Wright’s letter to us.
Just to say a big Thank you to Scot for giving the book such splendid highlighting and to all who have contributed to a remarkable discussion so soon after its publication. I don’t normally (make that EVER) contribute to blogsites, and sadly won’t be able to enter into any further correspondence just now — the day job is simply too demanding — but I think it would be discourteous of me not to acknowledge with deep gratitude all the things that have been said.
As I said to someone the other day at the Pastors’ Conference, I find myself often in the position Karl Barth described a propos his Romans commentary: trying to find the way for myself, suddenly a lot of other people seem to be wanting to know as well. He used the image of when, as a boy, he was climbing up the dark staircase in the church tower in the dark and, thinking he’d found a hand-rail, leant his weight on it only to discover it was the bell-rope.
As for Peter… well, sorry. The book wasn’t intended to be exhaustive. I didn’t actually expect the book to be nearly that long. But I did discuss the relevant passages in RSG, of course.
Warm greetings to one and all and renewed gratitude to Scot (whom I just missed at the pastors’ conference, sadly).
Tom Wright

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