Jesus Creed

(Say the Jesus Creed daily during Lent.)
Yougottabekiddinme! I look like that? (So asks the little bear.)
I will be at Eastern University this Wed-Fri giving lectures, and my theme will be Spirituality and Empire. I’m looking forward to this event and to be with my friend Joe Modica again.
Jesus Creed in Portugese.
One of the best things about teaching is reading student gaffes. Here’s one from Karen: “And this from one of my Com 208 students Current Event reports on a man who had been released from jail: He was originally sentenced to life without possibility.”
One of the best things about the internet is quick feedback — Brian McLaren responds to John Wilson’s CT review of EMC. McLaren represents the best in how to respond to your critics. Thanks Brian.
I couldn’t agree more that we need to define our terms carefully — see Dan Kimball.
Interview + blog + Erika = theology for Mercy.
Phyllis Tickle is blogging.
Pray for those who suffered in the tornadoes Tuesday night, among whom are students at Union University where some of my former students are now professors. The clean up will take a long time and it will means lots of adjustments.
Michael Kruse has a good post surveying the history of drug use in the USA. Family formation is also examined.
Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, has created a firestorm of controversy — he suggested — and I’m trying to find his original speech to see it all myself — that sharia law and British law could co-exist. Controversy ensues. This report and this suggest he is advocating for sharia law so long as it is consistent with British law.
Are you battling Lenten grumpiness? Read Fr. Rob.
1. Are wondering what Bishop Tom Wright’s view of new heavens and new earth are all about? Do think it is the Millennium on steroids?
2. MacBook Air review
3. Robust, but fair, point about political discourse at Karen’s site — by a Nicholas Kristoff.
4. Mike Bird dancing at SBL. That Aussie can cut a rug!
5. Born-again voters no longer favor Republicans — according to Barna.
6. New monasticism on the rise.
7. A PG Wodehouse kind of story.
8. On voting and not voting.
9. Do Not Call program is extended — good news.
10. Thanks brother.
The Super Bowl was a great game; neither Kris nor I really cared who won but we enjoyed the game immensely. Now that it’s over, I must admit, it is hard for me to be glad for any team with the NY letters. (Just telling you the truth.)
To stay in my grumpy mood … how does one say that one is not happy Dickie V is back to yack and yack? I know many are happy though, including these two NC fans.

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