Jesus Creed

Danish Tigers…
Chicago ice chunks…
Bob’s still with us … drop in and bless him.
Question on Politics: Why is no one saying anything about Barack Obama’s speech after his victory in South Carolina? I was mesmerized by that speech. One of his finest.
Would the radical Jesus like you?
Jimmy Carter and the SBC.
Tony Jones supports Obama.
Here is a new team blog in which I will participate: PrimeTimeJesus.
Here is a really good, theological blog.
Good one Rob.
Seminary Presidents who can theologize keep the ship on course; see #2/1.
If I could start all over, I’d
Need some help with Lent? Michael Spencer, the iMonk and uberblogger, has a great set of links.
As long as you don’t call it fasting.
Wise words from a young man.
1. Nice reviews on the new atheism by Art Boulet.
2. Emerging exercise?
3. An emerging church planter reflects on church planting — and on his site there are some rude comments about my clothing styles!
4. And we’re glad you’re back Tom!
5. Todd posted a good one on family and church.
6. Christianity in the Ukraine.
7. Mark’s Voters Guide.
8. Too far down the list today but it’s only an announcement of one of the finer things to find on the blog world: Michael Kruse on social indicators.
9. And I’m glad he does.
10. She’s a
11. Three winters ago I read Homer’s two epic studies and followed them with Virgil. Then I read Dante’s Divine Comedy — so this nice piece in Christian History brought back the pleasant memories of sitting here wandering through inferno, purgatorio and up into paradiso. We never have been to Ravenna. Someday maybe. I have no yen to return to Venice and Bologna isn’t high on our list either.
Does one need words?
And in Dubai, he takes a drop and only scores a par…

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