Jesus Creed

The polar bear baby video and a picture and now a name:
This my occasional reminder: If you have written a good post for which you’d like to have a little more traffic, contact me, I’ll check it out and include it here if I can. I’ll be up in Minneapolis today in a conversation with some Covenant pastors about reading the Bible in a postmodern age.
Good story of the week (HT: MarkO).
Ask Don why he pastors and you’ll get this answer.
Ask Pete why he studies and you’ll get this.
The Newsweek report about the decline of abortions.
Here is a good public conversation by my colleague on whether or not the Orthodox Church has a revolving door.
The ecclesiology of the emerging movement is becoming fashionable to study and here is a nice little taxonomy on a blog. We could all quibble with something here and there, but it’s a nice place to start.
I like TSK’s blog and this kind of report, which he often features, is why. He reports about what is going on.
Here is an interview I did with Kelly Dolan for Willow’s Shift conference.
Speaking of youth … are today’s youth narcissistic?
Lincoln photos discovered.
1. Good reminder from Art Boulet.
2. Cold advice.
3. The NYTimes did this just for Michael Kruse — so he could tell the blog world what it means!
4. I’m thinking about what I’d like to see Steve Jobs announce this year … any suggestions?
5. Two of my friends, one a priest and the other a professor, have officially entered the world of wisdom: Rob Merola and Dan de Roulet. Read and ponder.
6. Farewell Antonio! One of our favorite news reporters in Chicago, Antonio Moira, is leaving Chicago for Miami.
7. When Doug Pagitt was a youth pastor he was the lead singer in a band. A recently recovered video of Doug singing.
8. Michael Kruse reviews Pagan Christianity.
9. Zach Roberts on emergent and the Reformation. Common themes?
10. Jim Martin’s fine post on vocation. Please weigh in at his blog.
11. Bob’s blogging up a storm and now he’s taking on Rick Warren.
12. Protesting the Pope at La Sapienza.
Quote of the week: From Rick Majerus: “Then the new coach [Majerus], a product of a Jesuit education himself, broke up the room by musing that “the greatest mystery of faith to me is not the resurrection or the virgin birth. I want to know if the Corinthians ever wrote back.”
Two fun upsets last weekend in the NFL playoffs and a wondrous game up in Green Bay, leaving a legendary coaching pondering about …
This guy can play the game:
Say it ain’t so.
More in the NCAA infraction committee need to visit with Johnny Wooden and I hope they can sit down and listen to this aged, wise man talk about what sports are all about.

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