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Just north of Chicago folks take the polar bear plunge on New Year’s Day. These folks are hardy, I’ll give ’em that:
Last week I apologized for a thin set of links and only after it was posted did I realize how many we found; this week I apologize again — in earnest.
Tuesday and Wednesday I give the Summit and then Ritz Lectures at Winebrenner Theological Seminary, in Findlay OH, and I’m hoping OSU wins Monday night or else the place may be vacant. Wednesdays lectures are open to the public.
David Fitch has a post on confessions of a missional pastor that many will want to print and keep handy.
Jim Martin’s post on aging — I’m with you brother.
1. A good wise post about blogging by Eugene Cho.
2. “Our” AAR/SBL panel with Tony Jones and Diana Butler Bass. Part one and part two. There’s some emerging spelling for my name!
3. The winner of our Christmas offer … T:
4. John Armstrong offers a gentle both/and responding to John Piper’s Christian hedonism (see Ardel Caneday’s comment) and the iMonk has another suggestion.
5. Can you read 100 books this year? Check out Trevin Wax for suggestions.
6. Dr. Gupta on eco-bulbs and migraines.
7. Reasonable piece about the caucuses in Iowa.
8. A pugnacious saint who wrote the doxology and On the Holy Spirit.
9. Allan is a good blogger and this post is worth reading carefully.
10. I read Karen’s stuff all the time, but she got my attention when this Georgia gal revealed she’s reading the greatest Georgia writer ever (other than Karen, of course, and Lewis Grizzard).
11. This little news item just might sway some voters in another direction.
How many bowl games do we need? By the time LSU laces up its spikes against OSU I will be buying a hot dog and beer at Wrigley waiting for the first pitch!
Still, who do you think will win Monday night? LSU or OSU? (Behave.)
Totally unnecessary.

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