Jesus Creed

Chicago Skylilne … can’t beat it:
The world’s largest snow sculpture (from China):
Kris and I went down to the City for the afternoon and early evening last Saturday. Here’s a pic of the Daley Plaza’s famous Christmas tree.
Great news! Peter Enns, professor at Westminster, now has a blog/website. Add it to your blogroll and send him your questions.
Barna, Americans, the resurrection and virgin birth and other passages … are they historically reliable?
Christmas weekend bonus interview by Trevin Wax with Tom Wright.
Are you a cyber-chondriac? If so, here’s some help.
1. Students who pull all-nighters have lower gpa’s — and they can fall asleep during exams!
2. As you age, avoid mental ruts.
3. Room in this inn!
4. Kris and I have been to two or three music concerts, one by …
… now that she’s leaving Vegas, and since we’ve never been there, maybe we’ll get to see here again.
5. This is one cool professor.
6. The Pope and his rhetoric.
7. Return to tradition — big piece in USA Today US News and World Report.
8. Bob Robinson‘s posted a good piece about free speech and who owns what.
9. Uggs for Elephants
10. Curt Schilling, never afraid to give his opinion, writes a long-winded blog about steroids and lots and lots of comments.
I always like this SI collection.
The story of steroids is not going to be pretty. NY Times on one of the informers.
Tracing the connections to David Segui and Todd Hundley.

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