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This may have happened to you, but it has happened to us too often – as in 2 times in the last 3 months. We check into a hotel, sometimes as the guest of someone else but even when not, and they ask for our credit card (in case we are someone’s guest, they supposedly need the charge card number for “incidentals”).
Then when we check out, they sometimes ask for it again, just to make sure they got the numbers on our card right, and sometimes they don’t ask for it. Then, when the bill comes, a double billing. The last incident: the Grand Hyatt in San Diego in November (any other SBL attenders, check your charge card bill). I’m guessing we have called hotels three or four times this year to request that a double charge be removed from our account. So, here are my questions: Why does this happen? What can we do to keep it from happening again? Any similar stories? If any of you work in the hotel/motel business, any help here?

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