Jesus Creed

It’s not easy to decide when the Christmas season begins, perhaps when Thanksgiving is over or at the lighting of the First Advent candle or when grading is over and the grades are submitted or when … it’s all a part of it, isn’t it. We attended Willow Creek’s service on Saturday, along with my mom and dad and Kris’ mom, Laura and Mark, Pat and Bob. Here’s how I put it:
“Imagine” is a theatrical performance of the biblical story that comes to completion at the incarnation. Excellent music, acting and graphic presentation. The animals in Eden were special. We all sang Silent Night and gave one another hugs. We enjoyed this service more than any we’ve been to. Later we went to Laura and Mark’s with Pat and Bob for some coffee and cookies and unwrapping some gifts.
On Monday, Kris and I drove to Freeport to celebrate Christmas with our parents and families. We spent the night at my parent’s home and my mom, as always, had awesome food and goodies to eat and plenty of chat. Thanks to Pete, Kris’s brother, for hosting 13 of us on Christmas day. It was good to see Pete’s children, Eric, Katie and Luke.

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