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Save the bonobos in the Congo:
We’ve agreed to do some speaking in South Africa from May 4-13. Our contact person is Ds. Attie Nel in Rustenberg near Johannesburg. Needless to say, we are very excited about this.
New blog of Tamara Buchan, a Covenant missional church planter in Pine Lake near Seattle: the church is Missio Lux.
But Don, did you hear the birds? Are those “bird-sensitive-thingies?
I have for a long time told folks that Matthew 6:33 isn’t the nice gentle warm idea many think — so Dan Brennan’s recent series is worth printing out and filing away for a good reminder.
John Frye’s 4th post in a series on Jesus as the first emergent leader.
Michael Kruse is one of the sharpest thinkers I’ve read in the blog world when it comes to Christians and economics.
1. Some are beginning to see more in the Last Supper than they Alexandrians saw in Jesus’ parables!
2. Another item to add to my list of why not to own an iPod.
3. Am I the only one who has not heard of the Beloit Mindset List?
4. Privacy rights could become a much bigger issue, but the article points to the reality that many simply don’t seem to care.
5. Br. Maynard and his family is praying with the church.
6. LA Times piece on Cardinal George’s role in the scandals of priests.
7. Karen was in the news recently and reminds us all for the need to remember.
8. Dan Kimball’s wise and balanced words.
9. Sivin Kit put me onto this clever program and it rates my blog at this level:
cash advance
McDonalds has entered the coffee battle. [Sometimes my Chicago Tribune links don’t work — so if this isn’t working, just know that McD’s is now starting to brew more coffees.]
11. I’m all for birding, and I don’t like cats, but this isn’t the way to solve the problem of cats hunting our birds.
The Bears!
The Juice slashed and passed through the Buckeyes.
I’ve given the ugly Ducks a hard time for their uniforms, but when Dixon went down Thursday evening with a knee surgery the life was sucked from the team. They’ll be back — the Ducks are still one of the best teams in the nation.
The rumor is that this is actually John Franke, Viking uberFan.

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