Jesus Creed

One of the sad realities of the California fires:
One of the awakening realities of evangelicalism: it’s changing.
Chicago’s Finest:
Missional’s finest.
YouTube of the Week — and you’ve got to watch it all. Unbelievable! (HT: Lukas)
1. AirBus is not the word.
2. E.L. Doctorow gets an award in Chicago and Julia Keller writes an excellent piece about him.
3. Postmortem interview with Gerald Ford.
4. Vote for JR Woodward — if you can (or if you are in Chicago you can probably find a way).
5. Interested in missional studies?
6. Boy crisis in public schooling.
7. A former colleague of ours at North Park, now at Calvin, finds one requirement of the school too difficult.
8. Maybe this should be up higher … if you have followed our discussions about Brian McLaren’s new book you will know that Michael Kruse has offered golden insights about how to think about capitalism and free enterprise. This guy’s no slouch on this stuff so it’s cool he has published now a list of books to read.
9. Barry Bonds and the Asterisk.
10. D.A. Carson, John Stackhouse and the emerging church.
Yes, the Oregon Ducks are a very good football team. But, those uniforms are perhaps the ugliest uniforms in NCAA history. See what I mean?
Yougottabekiddin’ me. No Cubs?
No kidding here — BoSox do it again!
First person to come to mind for me? The Big O.

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