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Very rare is the one in ministry who can “keep up” with what is going on. Some work like dogs to keep up while others hope and then try and then realize they can’t keep up so they give up. Over the years I have made a variety of suggestions — reading a good book in each field each year and the like. Another strategy is that instead of trying to “keep up” (as if knowing the most recent trends is some kind of golden crown) one simply reads a broad journal for no other reason than stimulation. I have such a journal for you; it is a monthly.
It is called Expository Times. It is o o o o so English. Here is what I like about it and I just finished the most recent volume — Sept 2007:
1. It is broad and eclectic — book reviews, sermon suggestions, theological essays, critical thinking, prayers.
2. This last year had an introduction to various non-canonical books — and I found, apart from the Gospel of Thomas piece (which supported eccentricity), them useful, informative, and readable.
3. Some pieces were pushing the boundaries, but where else will we learn the edges if we don’t expose ourself to them?
4. Good book reviews — from all over the field of studies.
5. Lectionary-based sermon suggstions — this is one hang-up if you don’t follow the lectionary. If you do, this journal can be golden with suggestions.
And the thing is brief — about 50 pages per month. One need not read it all — I don’t — but one can find stuff of interest each month and not too much.

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