Jesus Creed

In Brian McLaren’s Everything Must Change we are looking this week at “theocapitalism” (economic idolatry) and how Jesus’ framing story counters theocapitalism.
Ecology, Brian maintains, should curb economy. A big question for all of us is how we can become more ecological or environmentally conscious — in other words, greener. How does ecology curb your personal economy?
Why? Because how we treat our earth today impacts the next generation. We can walk the way of the plunderer. According to we currently operating at one hundred to one thousand times the normal extinction rate.
There seems to be a policy at work in our world: “the more resources we use and the more waste we produce the better off we’ll be” (209).
Tomorrow we look at how Jesus countered the four spiritual laws of theocapitalism (see Monday’s post).

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