Jesus Creed

About two weeks before Halloween, Kris finds herself pondering what kinds of candy to give to the small number of kids who knock on our door and give us the meaningless options of “Trick or Treat.” About 11 days out one of us tests the bags of candies she has brought home, thinking we certainly won’t give them all away. So, last Sunday while Kris was gone I thought I’d try a Reese’s cup and Kris, immediately noticing that a bag had been opened, asked, “Who opened the Halloween candy?” “Not me,” I said with the wrapper in my hand. On Tuesday I observed that the Kit-Kat bag had been opened. “Who opened that?,” I asked. “Not sure,” Kris replied. “I think it was Webster.”
This weekend, perhaps on Saturday, Kris will think that we might run out of candies for the kids so she’ll buy two more bags. Gotta be ready “just in case.”

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