Jesus Creed

Well, then is a proper Christian approach to truth simply a chastened modernity, a humble objectivism? So Walsh and Keesmaat are asked in Colossians Remixed.
Here’s the philosophy: ontology precedes epistemology. Our understanding of who we are and “what is” precedes how we know who we are and “what is.” If you see yourself as material, you use a materialistic epistemology.
Creation is a gift of extravagant love. Creation is not a gathering of objective bits — it is a world of created fellow subjects — and all responsive to the Creator. Creation is not just objects but a voice that praises God. The metaphor of creation is singing is a metaphor, and so is the mechanistic one. Each tells truth about creation.
What we need is a “listening epistemology.” We need to know holistically — not just materialistically or empirically. They give examples of those who “listen” to nature.
Religion should not be contained with the limits of reason; rather, reason is always contained within the limits of religion (commitment).
Does this mean it is all relativism? No. Tomorrow.

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