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My kind of town, Chicago is…
(No idea who that man is with the Cubby Bear.)
We will be in Dallas TX tonight and tomorrow morning and then next Saturday and Sunday in Pekin, IL. (Links can be found in our sidebar under Speaking Schedule.)
Two noteworthy deaths this week: Madeleine L’Engle and James Kennedy.
TechQuestion: Why can’t I click “reply” to e-mails that come to me from and get them to go through?
My hat is off to Reggie Kidd for his honesty and boldness to act in civil disobedience with a rhetoric that brims with potency. (The conservative Reformed bashing of a misunderstood New Perspective and an unwillingness to subject the issues to the test of the Bible animate his post.)
Please tell your story here if you know one. This could be a great online resource if we all get behind it.
The most demanding of jobs.
Stan Friedman and I did an interview on A Community called Atonement. And Michael Kruse has offered his review of the book. Thanks Stan and Mike.
Please take time to read Karen’s story.
And iMonk as well.
If you are in Chicago and available Sunday evening Sept 16, there will be an Evangelical and Roman Catholic dialogue in Naperville, 6-8pm.
1. Are you a confessing Christian?
2. More and more college students are commuting, but very few schools have the reduced tuition fees that we have at North Park.
3. Speaking of schools, I read this week that Illinois State’s Marketing students are expected to dress professionally when they come to class. Any thoughts?
4. “It’s truth embedded in the lie.” So Grace Paley, describing fiction — her own fiction — a definition that fits it all.
5. Mom blogger story and blog.
6. Latinos mainstreamed for Nielsen ratings. I know almost nothing about ratings, but this seems not only an admission of a reality — Latinos can’t simply be labeled as minorities — but an indication of our future.
7. Sally Morgenthaler‘s moving from evangelistic worship to a more emerging model.
8. Thanks to Marko.
9. Bonus Video: Chicago’s literary all-stars reflect on Chicago.
10. I can tell you were the missing honey bees are … in our backyard on our hummingbird feeders!
Zambrano’s performance on Labor Day for the Cubs on the mound was bad enough but his performance off the mound was worse. Here’s how lots of us feel:
Phil Mickelson made the golf shots he needed to make on the back nine and held off Tiger’s moderate comeback.

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