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Kris and I were invited to King of Glory Lutheran Church, sitting next to Hwy 635 in North Dallas and not far from Valley View Mall, Saturday evening and Sunday morning. Saturday night was a public event on the Jesus Creed and Sunday morning was a teaching session for the good folks at King of Glory.
First, we are grateful to Greg Smith and a clutch of folks there who thought the message of the Jesus Creed was something they thought appropriate for the ministries there. We had a wonderful time and found the folks informed, good thinkers, and receptive.
Second, I must mention some others: Christa Ballard Tooley’s mom and dad attended, as did “pepy’s” mom and dad; Pastor Mohrweis, a Covenant pastor; a constant blog commenter here, Andie Piehl — with her husband and friend — as well as Ted Gossard’s (another Jesus Creeder) sister (Maxine) and her husband (Steve). It was such an honor for all these kind folks to come Saturday night.
Third, I focused Saturday evening on the need to move from a quest for novelty to the value of ancient sacred rhythms. So, I worked on Israel’s Sacred Rhythm (Shema), Jesus’ Sacred Rhythm (Jesus Creed), the early Christian sacred rhythm (Jesus Creed with a focus on the second half in James, Paul, John, and Peter), and then I looked at Mary as one who struggled with learning to love the God who was making himself known through the cross and a community of faith.
Third, Sunday morning — a new audience — we focused on “finding our voice.” We looked at some who have a voice — M. Teresa, Billy Graham, Rick Warren, and Jim Wallis — and then asked what Jesus’ voice was:
1. Learning the voice of Jesus: a voice with roots (Shema and Jesus Creed)
2. Observing the voice of Jesus: a voice with legs (table fellowship)
3. Growing in the voice of Jesus: a voice with change/growth (life of apostle John).
Great fun … then we rushed to the airport and got home by about 4pm.

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