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Sunday morning I flew up to Minneapolis-St Paul to speak to the Meal Groups at the Sanctuary, a ministry of Crossroads Church. They are in Cottage Grove, MN. It was a great time. Here are some highlights for me:
First, Katie Kuehne, one of our students at NPU, was there as she is waiting to go spend the rest of the fall in Calcutta at Mother Teresa’s ministries. Wow, I thought, she’s in for a life time experience.
Second, Brad Kindall was with Katie and we went to The Loring for a brunch. I’d not heard of The Loring down at the University of Minnesota but I must say it is a cool, cool place. Reminded me of an old Speakeasy. We had some good conversation.
Third, I got to the church, had a few minutes, checked in to find that the Cubs were winning and the Brew-Crew losing, and that was good news.
Fourth, I spoke to the Meal Groups about establishing missional group life and then we had a great worship service where I was asked to speak about the themes of Embracing Grace. I don’t very often get to talk about this book and so I’m appreciative every time I am asked. I believe it is time for us to ask again “what is the gospel?” Sanctuary will be doing that the next few weeks as they work their way through this book in their meal groups.
OK, great band, new songs for me with good lyrics, and it was nice to celebrate communion with my brothers and sisters at the Sanctuary. Crossroads is an innovative, growing, and empowering church and I hope if you are near there you will have a chance to check it out. Both Brad and James impressed me with vision and commitment.

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