Jesus Creed

Some have created a “fake D.A. Carson site,” which I won’t link to here. A few comments: Yes, this can be funny stuff. Yes, Carson’s big enough to handle it. Yes, we all need a little humor and satire can be great fun. But… No, this site is not good. Why?
A steady diet of satire is soul-destroying, especially when one remains anonymous and especially when it goes on indefinitely about the same person. Satire turns the human gaze against others, even if at first in fun, and learns to hold Eikons up for ridicule and insult. It has its own way of becoming a cancer of cynicism, eventually eating the soul. I was a reader of The Wittenburg Door in its early years. Feasting on such comes with a price.
All one has to read is the story of Tony Hendra, called Father Joe.
You cannot possibly live by the Jesus Creed and turn your focus to satire, especially anonymous satire. Impossible.

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