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The Oracle (not of Delphi but) of Chicago…
Is Focolare the emerging movement among Roman Catholics? “They are attractive to people who don’t like church but who want to get involved with their faith.”
Reading habits. We’re higher than the average.
My colleague, Brad Nassif, has a podcast series called “Simply Orthodox.” I highly recommend Brad’s series — it will introduce you to a gospel-centered Eastern Orthodoxy.
And Ginny Olson, my colleague, has produced a podcast about teenage girls — her book is an exceptional source.
The Alpha Male Hummingbird.
Barna’s new study shows voters are more concerned about children than moral and spiritual issues.
I’m willing to bet, and I’m not a betting man, that Jesus would welcome both of these groups to the Table and then, just prior to the prayer, tell them to knock it off!
Maybe the best Website for Websites in the World!
1. Chicago may give tickets to the Wiener Mobile, but it is the Center of the Planet for hot dogs. But I must admit to something: we saw more hot dog stands in Copenhagen than I’ve ever seen in Chicago.
2. Kris and I know we have been dealt a fortunate hand when it comes to travel, so I wanted to know if this piece on the 10 most disappointing places and the 10 best places resonated with me. I think we generally don’t like famous places (though I loved the ruins in Rome’s Forum), and always find small places most memorable. So I’ll tell what I like most: an evening in Italy in which the sun goes down gently. Preferably near the water, but it doesn’t matter. Just give me an evening in Italy and I’ll say “This is the best place in the world to visit.”
3. Is history becoming history?
4 . A kind of ministry sensitive we need.
5. Kris and I take a walk everyday, world without end. On weekends we walk at Independence Grove, a wonderful combination of prairie grasses, water, and walking paths. The Chicago Tribune published a picture of our walk place — a couple under an umbrella. We forgot our umbrella and got soaked.
6. A mom is a mom is a mom even when being a dog-mom with a cat!
7. This makes me want to try out for our college’s golf team. (HT: Ted Gossard)
8. Would you vote for this or not? (I would.)
9. On Christianne Amanpour’s series: the use of the word “warriors” didn’t sit right with me. It’s a pejorative term up front that casts all the groups, with considerable varieties in each religion, into a militaristic and violent mode.
Undoubtedly, the commentators for Monday Night Football brutalized Rex Grossman. They were one-note Charlies who could say nothing but bad — and if someone slipped in something good they had to say “but when he was bad he was horrible.” Ahem. Excuse me. When Grossman left the game, the Bears were ahead 10-7. They were playing the Super Bowl Champions. Stick to commentary instead of evaluation.
Did you notice the Cubs this week? It’s not pretty but they’re in the driver’s seat.

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