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An officer’s got to do his job, even if it means ticketing the Oscar Meier Mayer Wienermobile:
The Koreans are still in our prayers, Eugene — and thanks for keeping us up to date.
Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on the move.
Karen’s said it about as well as anyone I’ve read. (You are more than welcome to interact with Karen at her site.)
Thanks to Bob Robinson for putting my stuff on New Perspective together.
The rise of Muslims in Europe will continue to shape European politics and I suspect it will become a major, major issue.
I’m glad Dems are asking for clarification on this one. I’m against military conscription.
Jason Clark tells his story.
A code of conduct for evangelism is being worked on by Christians all across the spectrum.
1. Vote for us.
2. Do you think we are called to transform culture and the world? Mark Galli says no.
3. Are you a dipper?
52%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

Mingle2Dating Site

4. How would you like to be Jesus?
5. All I can say is “Good Luck!
6. Since Illinois is called the Land of Lincoln, and since I went to Lincoln School, and since Lukas and Annika live in Westfield, NY, where Lincoln met the little girl who suggested he grow a beard, I thought this article a nice set of discoveries of all of Lincoln’s physical abnormalities. [By the way, if you are being asked to create a password to read stuff in the Chicago Tribune, go ahead, as they never seem to contact us through the internet sign-up.]
7. There’s an elegant simplicity in Ted’s post on God’s work in and through us.
8. Early harvests for wine in Italy. Another story.
9. Where’s the Buffalo?
10. Deserves to be higher, but for those who were in our conversation about the need for retreats for pastors, here’s a post worth reading.
11. There’s been a flurry of discussion about women among emerging folk that was sparked by David Fitch. There is some further discussion here and here.
Here’s Chicago!
Da Cubs, Da First Place.
It’s the rule and it’s a dumb rule. In golf, if the golfer signs an incorrect scorecard the golfer is disqualified. So, Sergio was DQ’d. On top of that, since Sergio left the perimeter of the scoring area, but still was not far outside that perimeter, he could not correct the discovered mistake. Now tell me, in the objective world of reality, with officials keeping score already, isn’t their score enough? Can you imagine waiting for a basketball game to be over and everyone signing their cards for how many points scored to determine if all the players added their scores properly?
Is one ready to retire when one is too busy to play golf?
Nope, this is a bad rule change by the NCAA. If any change is made to kick offs it should be to abandon them. Too many injuries. Oh, and on rule changes: ban the dunk.

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