Jesus Creed

The dog days of Santa Barbara:
SBC in the news again. Understatement of the year: “We are moving against the tide.”
RCC in the news again. Revitalize marriage.
Who is the king of jungle after all? The Cape Buffalo!
When Karen gets south of the Mason-Dixie line her humor comes to life. Sit down for a laugh with this one, and then click on to her home page and read a few more for laughs. One day I was at the local establishment bookstore browsing through biographies and memoirs, I happened upon Hero Mama (now called After the Flag is Folded) and I found a writer who has become a friend. She’s got a book coming out with Zondervan called “Where’s Your Jesus Now?
Tamara lives the Jesus Creed.
John Frye has a nice post on Jonah.
Fr Rob the Iguana Hunter.
The best vocation ever by Brad Bergfalk.

Just added: Here’s a very good conversation.
1. I’m thinking of passing this on to my colleague and his wife, Joel and Karla Willitts, to see if they could possibly imagine 15 more! And congrats to the Hiestands!
2. Parenting and the challenges of the Christian faith: Barna’s newest report.
3. David Neff is the new Director of the Robert E. Webber Center for an Ancient Evangelical Future. We are giving a presentation at the conference this fall.
4. Babies and more babies.
5. End of life issues.
6. A new iMac.
7. No matter your politics, this one is funny.
8. I’ve had a change of mind: I now love NY.
9. Bible in schools?
10. Printer Lung Disease?
11. Climbing the Summit in translation. (HT: My 2 Cents)
B*rry B*onds: What do you think?
The Cubs are trying to fall back but the Brewers just won’t let them.
How’d you like to look back to the hole behind you and see this fella coming at you?

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