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This Time magazine article, with a few other variants around the world, briefly describes the struggles of Mother Teresa with her faith — for a long, long time. All we have are some excerpts, set in a little bit of […]

The Oracle (not of Delphi but) of Chicago…

Today we begin a conversation about Tracy Balzer’s book, Thin Places. It is an invitation to Celtic spirituality. I hope you join us.

“Atonement Wars”? Let’s Hope Not. A book review of Scot McKnight’s A Community called Atonement by Brian McLaren.

Our theme from yesterday, sabotaging an incorrect elevation of Torah to the point that living a life of love was restricted, continues in today’s passage about missional Jesus from Luke 13:10-17:

In 1986 Dan Taylor gave to the evangelical world a gift called The Myth of Certainty, a book that didn’t justify doubt so much as let many of us know that we were not alone.

Eugene Cho is a model of guiding a traditional and an emerging church into a merger. Isn’t this what “emerging” means? We hear so often about church fights, bickerings, and splits. We don’t hear often enough about church mergers, about […]

The Parable of the Good Samaritan is deeply beloved by Christians. I don’t know why for it is as challenging a teaching as anything Jesus teaches. In essence, I think it is this:

Today we look at Gospel Criticism, the methods used in studies of the Gospel from the beginning of the 20th Century until the hey-day of redaction criticism in the 70s and 80s.

In doing some work on the doctrine of Scripture I have now read through Craig Allert, A High View of Scripture? and wish to commend it to you for your reading. Here’s why: