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Mindy Caliguire, who is known in all spiritual formation circles as a result of her “soul care” ministries, public speaking, and national leadership, has just written two small books designed for concentrated retreats — whether at home over a week […]

Missional Jesus implored his contemporaries to realize that there are final and earthly consequences for how they live now. He warned his contemporaries who saw his deeds — deeds that evoked the presence of God’s kingdom — and who were […]

While in Denmark I got an e-mail from a friend. I had explained to my friend that the tax system in Denmark had basically (not completely of course) eliminated poverty. The Danes pay 25% sales tax and anywhere from 50-67% […]

Our week at Oase in Odder, Denmark, rocked. Maybe because we can’t get the beat and words (we don’t often understand) out of our minds or maybe just because of the fellowship, worship, and enlargening of our sense of God’s […]

We are now back from Denmark and will resume our summer-long series on Missional Jesus. Today we look at Luke 7:18-23, a passage that deserves far more attention in gospel preaching than most permit, and it deserves more attention because […]

Almighty God, the fountain of all wisdom, you know our necessities before we ask and our ignorance in asking: Have compassion on our weakness, and mercifully give us those things which for our unworthiness we dare not, and for our […]

A young man in Copenhagen, evidently out too late or who had recently had too much to drink, decided to imitate HC Andersen’s The Emperor’s New Clothes in the middle of Amagertorv. The Americans took pictures and the Danish ignored […]

Another interesting yesterday at Danish Oase here in Odder, Denmark. Our Bible study this morning was a call to get us to consider again the robustness of the gospel and to avoid simplistic, reduced gospels — so I worked through […]

Yesterday was our “off day” — no speaking and no seminars — but I have to confess I’m ready for my next talk (today) and it swarmed through me all day long. But, we took the day to visit a […]

Yesterday I took a bit of a risk and addressed the large crowd of renewal-minded Lutherans (and others) on Mary and used the Mary texts of the Gospels as an avenue to show that “all biblical roads lead to the […]