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Ah, I have to give pride of place this week to Don Johnson’s rumination on parenting.
Pray with Trevin. While there, say a prayer for the Grahams. Tribune story of her death.
Cynthia Lambert writes a nice piece on “it’s OK to go back and fix things.” And her little essay on the “handprint” is a just what the Doctor ordered. And how about that ending? I like it. And a third on “can you smell it?” — daily prompts at her church site that are not easy to write.
International item: Bush’s response to Benedict XVI.
A theology of collaboration with Bob Robinson.
New blog, with full website: Carmen Acevedo Butcher. Spend awhile at her site and you’ll discover why she was Teacher of the Year.
Chicago has 17 crews of workers whose task it is to cover up graffiti. 17 crews.
1. Josh Simpson and his friends were swimming in Lake Michigan.
2. Anyone know much about COOL?
3. The Pope’s new Texan scepter. (HT: Ben Breard)
4. 5/30,000 in Delavan WI: 30,000 Americans per year die as a result of gunshots. 30,000. Defenders go to the US Constitution clause about the “right to bear arms.” If those with rights can’t use guns responsibly, take the rights (or at least guns) away.
5. Barna report on atheist and agnostic aggressiveness.
6. Virtual Rome.
7. “A postpolitical leader”?
8. Boomers and Retirement.
9. Thanks Ed Gilbreath for making this issue more public.
10. Newspaper article, with pro and con, on therapy to help reorient sexuality.
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