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After a week off, here’s a new start to a year of Weekly Meanderings:
Moses Lee, a classmate of my son in high school, is a bright young man who wants to steward his intelligence and gifts to help world poverty. Read this article.
Must read from JR Woodward on Heinz 57 Spirituality.
Eugene Cho’s report on the emerging/traditional church merger. The Seattle Post Intelligencer’s article.
Great story about a great man: David Scholer.
TSK weighs in on swearing.
Erika reflects on her marriage — five years ago.
Christopher Hitchens rails against God and religion; Peter Hitchens, his brother, weighs in against his brother.
Mark Lau Branson once called this the fundamentalism of liberalism.
Browse through LL Barkat’s blog and meander a little longer on her wonderful photos.
1. Because he’s freakin’ awesome!
2. Do you have blogging blues? Here’s a revelation of what it is like — and if you were paid for blogging, as journalists are, then you learn to keep on plugging away and it is the plugging that does the revealing.
3. Farrakhan: “Even though I am a Muslim — I don’t apologize for that — I’m also a Christian.”
4. There is now “one priest for every 1,500 U.S. Catholics.” See the article here.
5. David Fitch has a nice synopsis of postmodernity and the church — it’s a bit old but I missed it when he posted this in late May.
6. Scott Morizot does a series on the meaning of sin. Worth reading and thinking about.
7. Dan Kimball on “core” and “non-core” beliefs.
8. Thanks Ben, I love Billy too.
9. I may be doing a series on Christopher Hitchens’ book, but here is the beginning of what will surely be a good one at Mark Roberts.
10. When I read the review, I said to myself, “This person couldn’t have read my book on Mary.” Now Art Boulet says it like it is. I thank Art, not because I think my book needs defense, but because it is important for all of us to use our critical thinking skills — not to mention some sharp writing skills on Art’s part.
That crazy Billy Martin started this nonsense, but Mgr Wellman has taken it to a new level with his sneak upon them and throw a grenade at the ump’s feet.
I agree: those Oregon Ducks football uniforms are uglier than home made soap.

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