Jesus Creed

The woman speaks in 8:5b through 8:10, and then her shepherd love speaks in 8:11-13 and the woman closes off this potent and totally delightful exploration of love in 8:14. Here is how she begins the finale:
8:5b speaks of the specific geographical location where their love was aroused.
Under the apple tree I awakened you.
(There your mother was in labor with you;
there she who bore you was in labor.)
Love, their love, has been aroused in the place of fertility — where her lover was conceived.
We’ve just been to Italy, and Italy is known for its places of romance. One of my friends wrote to me of how romantic Verona was. Venice has its voters as well. For us, the rolling hillsides of Tuscany evoke life’s pleasures and Kris and I delight to enjoy such places together.

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