Jesus Creed

Intelligentsia. Just in case you haven’t heard, Chicago has a coffee that many are now saying ranks up there as one of the finest coffees in the world. Very happily, Laura and Mark bought me a bag of espresso ground Intelligentsia coffee for Father’s Day. Monday morning, by 6:30am, I had one cup down … by 10:30am a second … and then, after lunch in order to make sure I had a good firm grip on the taste, I had yet a third cup.
Wonderful crema; a pleasant and pleasurable aroma; great smooth taste. Nothing bitter like that stuff from youknowwhere. Ah, the taste of a good coffee on a screen porch to enliven a morning. The blend? Black Cat Espresso Blend.
I challenge you to a better coffee: I’ve had Chestnut Hill Coffee Company, Pete’s,
Boyd’s, Hawaiian Isles Kona Coffee Co (Kona Classic), and I think Caribou Daybreak is a fine coffee. But, I’m having reconsider the order of my coffee top five list.
Who’s had it? Who has an evaluation?

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