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Emergent Midwest Gathering July 20-21.
When others snore — what do you do? I once reflected on roommates who snore.
Fr Rob tells us that his oldest daughter, Christine, called to say she had “lost the car.” This, I suggest, is a sign that she’s definitely a fiction writer — but it worries me that she may forget to take her books to class next year. Car was lost; now has been found. More rejoicing in that girl’s heart than …
Junia who? Carol Boomhardt‘s nice piece in Hands-On.
Mark the firefighter … vote and support. (HT: Mike Mangold)
Emerging as a movement: good work Bob.
Counterintuitive leadership by Ben Dubow.
A new missional journal by Dave Dunbar.
Never met Todd Leopold, but he’s got this one right. Atlanta, time to write the AJC and get them back to square one: books matter.
1. Noah’s ark, or a smaller version, now on display.
2. Nice post on “Trinitarian community” by Greg Newton (HT: Ken Haynes).
3. Appendectomy? No more invasive than a root canal.
4. Sarah Ondrey’s putting up some good posts … you might want to link to her. One on her betta fish and one on LibraryThing — but, Sarah, what if you have as many books as I? Sarah and her kid sister Hauna have been my student assistants for years.
5. The so-called Hybels-Driscoll flap: full record by TSK.
6. Faith on campus — nice little post by John Lagrou.
7. Reagan’s diaries — how can you not like that guy?
8. Ted’s post on the Christian and a national day of prayer.
9. What is the worst 3500 pounds of something you can imagine?
10. Stressed about marriage plans? Try Tatiana’s solution.
Afterthought: Our piece on the emerging movement in Covenant Companion received an award of merit.
Please don’t say this aloud, but the Cubs are starting to win … and it just might continue.
Billy Muldowney watch. Here’s his stats so far:
W Muldowney 2 1 3.32

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