Jesus Creed

From John Goldingay, Israel’s Gospel, p. 61, where he describes how he teaches his classes: first, a 40 minute lecture; then a 30 minute small group discussion; and then a 30 minute plenary/class discussion. Then he makes an observation — and I’m keen on hearing what you think of his theology as seen in this observation:
“God’s ‘plan’ for the world is more like my class plan than like the schedule for the baseball season that determines when every game is to be played.”
Any observations? Do you envision the “plan of God” more like that of a micro-manager where everything is predetermined, or more like a teacher at recess who has opened up a limited space but given folks the freedom to play within that space, or more like a conversation leader where the dialogue prompts a response by God and adjustments in the plan as life goes along? Or, how do you envision it?

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