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My St. Louis commenter has come back with another question: “What are areas of being a professor that are difficult – kind of the reality type things – non glorified real picture?” Good one. Here are a few thoughts, but […]

My father played minor league baseball in the St. Louis Browns organization; Kris’ dad was a three-sport athlete at Iowa State. In fact, he was in the first class that got athletic scholarships at Iowa State. And those two set […]

After suggesting that the shepherd lover and she have gotten behind the Fall into Paradise, back into the Garden of Eden as it were (in Song 7:10), the woman now invites the man into the Garden of delights:

Here is a (lightly edited and shortened) letter, posted with permission, from a young man (and his wife). Their questions are becoming more and more common in my letter box, and so I thought a brief response might be of […]

While doing a doctorate in England, Kris and I attended St. Peter’s Toton (near Beeston outside Nottingham) — a wonderful Anglican community of faith. John Corrie, the curate (whatever that means), and his wife Elisabeth — with two kids at […]

The shepherd lover, whom I am not convinced is Solomon but who is insteadn the woman’s husband/lover, has spoken — he has extolled the woman’s physically rapturous beauty. She now responds:

Almighty and merciful God, in your goodness keep us, we pray, from all things that may hurt us, that we, being ready both in mind and body, may accomplish with a free heart those things which belong to your purpose; […]

My summer speaking schedule is intentionally light — I need to keep the schedule free for my commentary on James and some lighter projects. I participated in a conversation on the Eric Hogue show — it is on his Video/Books […]

We’ve come to the 16th chp in Darryl Tippens, Pilgrim Heart. The topic: Suffering: The Fire that Purifies. Suffering, he observes with could be a little bit of a warning to those who need it, “is not a good to […]

We are changing seasons here in Chicago — it suddenly ran up to 87 degrees the other day. High schools are winding down, colleges have sent the residents home, gardens are beginning to bloom, and we’ve got new birds flitting […]