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Kris and I had a nice flight, landed in Milano, got our car and headed for Verona — the Milanese greeted us with a massive traffic jam but we weathered it in our sleepy condition and found our way to […]

We’re over here in Italy this week — with my mom and dad faithfully attending to our senior citizen Bichon Frise, Webster — and when I get back a speaking event: the Spiritual Formation Forum.

As you wake up in the good ol’ USA, my friends, we will be landing in Milan Italy for a week or so in Italy. We left Chicago for Milan and now are heading this morning over to Verona.

We close today the book of Darryl Tippens,Pilgrim Heart. A gentle, ruminating set of reflections on themes in discipleship that mix the individual and the community. As I have said before on this blog, a discipleship that is group-shaped is […]

Here’s yet another letter that, with permission, I’ll post here. I have some ideas on this one, but I’d rather hear yours. What kind of education would you like to see for a youth pastor for your children?

I’ll be a speaker this Fall at the Willow Creek small group conference. The conference, called the Ancient-Future Community Group Life Conference, will focus on the nature of “community” in local churches. My address will be on the history of […]

As at 3:1-5, the woman wants to take her lover to her mother’s home, and not only to her home but into her mother’s bedroom — to her “chamber” (8:2). And, once again, not clear when it comes to fantasy […]

Another letter, now opened for us all, and something worthy of conversation:

Chris Jones, a frequent reader of this blog, asked me for some suggestions on books about teaching and education. I rifled my shelves and pulled off my top ten (or so). There are many, many more, and some of you […]

Chp 8 of the Song of Songs is a dialogue about love and this chp closes it off. As I have worked through this text I think the three-character interpretation does have merit — but it is not entirely clear. […]