Jesus Creed

Allelon has a video up on “what is the missional church?” featuring Alan Roxburgh and Ryan Bolger.
I testify to the truthfulness of Rob’s “sock-y cat.” (Check out the stripers he caught here.)
Erika completes the story.
Emerging heart of the week: Dan’s fine post.
Emerging claim by Tony Jones will generate a great conversation I predict: “orthodoxy is an event.” A response.
The Irish are worried about text-messaging.
1. I’ll bet this bear doesn’t eat its young!
2. Our prayers are with those who die such a noble death.
3. Where have all the bees gone?
4. One of my favorite writers, David Halberstam, dies.
5. Frankfurter jobs.
6. It’s a man’s world when it comes to pay checks. I’d like to see more stats than they give.
7. Perfection as Shalom: brief, solid reflection by Henriet.
8. Liturgical reflections that challenge the unreflected adaptation of liturgical practices by Susan Arnold.
9. Only with Marko.
10. Soul-care involves self-care.
Billy Muldowney Watch.
I’m ready to cave in on my Cubs prediction — good grief, this is another Don Baylor “all or nothing” offense kind of team.
We’re sorry to hear that Prior is done for the year.

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