Jesus Creed

Do you know about the Spiritual Formation Forum in Milwaukee this summer? I will address how a “whole gospel” reshapes our understanding of spiritual formation.
Love of learning … Fr. Rob.
If you’ve not seen this one by Michael at Addison Road … it’s a good laugh.
On travel: the news informs us that monasteries are opening their doors for travellers and the travellers are liking the monasteries.
Wordless Easter.
An interview and article about fixed-hour prayer.
Good story of the week: Susan Arnold.
Emerging post of the week from Tony Stiff.
1. Best news I’ve seen in a long, long time about technology and education. Education today is assessment/outcome driven, and this study concludes that use of technology does not improve education.
2. Dick Morris is a non-stop Hillary and Bill Watcher.
3. What do you get when you combine Missouri, the SBC, and emerging? The journey of Bottleworks beer and its theology. Do the folks so upset with Journey imagine that at and after dinner with Jesus his disciples were sipping filtered water?
4. Get your target in view.
5. David Fitch on the so-called Hauerwas mafia.
6. I like this post by Mark Galli, but esp that quote from Gregory.
7. Karen takes Imus, Sharpton, and the whole American public to task.
8. Erika will be speaking in my class in about three weeks — her internet service is now fixed.
9. Do you read the Jazz Theologian? Good blog from a good man.
Congrats to Zach Johnson, winner of the 2007 Masters. Wow, what nerves he had.
As you may recall, our son Lukas scouts for the Chicago Cubs. He signed last year a young man out of Pennsylvania named Billy Mulldowney. He’s with the Peoria Chiefs and here a great line for his first outing: 5.0 (IP) 8 (hits) 9 Ks.
C’mon Cubs.

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