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Some visionary behind American Idol has set a new standard — not for creating a show that attracts viewers but that does compassion. Did you watch it last night? 30 million dollars raised for world poverty. Will this set a […]

“Tell her,” the Song teaches men. “Tell her of how you delight in the one you love.” Tell her also you are captured. Notice this:

Kris and I are struck by the military’s decision to “spin” the death of Pat Tillman. Pat, the truth is now being told, was killed by “friendly fire” — a spin if I’ve ever heard one — there are no […]

My sister once named her two cats “Come Here” and “Go Away.” I have to think that having such lighthearted names for cats (of all things) might bring a little lightness to the lives of the cats. What are the […]

The shepherd-lover announces his intent in 4:6 in words that are charged with emotion that is masked for all but the two lovers themselves — we watch only by entering into the imagery:

Here is a thesis statement in my book on fasting:

The Catalyst for Emerging Church Leadership, CECL, lead by Mick Noel at Biblical Seminary, sponsored an event for local Christians about “the gospel and the church that is emerging.” John Franke, a leading professor at Biblical, and I were the […]

You can’t read the following verses (Song 4:1-5) without both knowing just exactly what the young man delights in in his lovely lover and also all he’s leaving unsaid. Just read it and see what it images for you:

Diana Butler Bass’ book, Christianity for the Rest of Us, has three parts: description of the collapse of mainline liberalism and the renewal of the “village church” in America, a sketch of ten signposts of renewal, and then a section […]

I have for more than a dozen years observed that I used to teach in a “semitery” and that I now teach college students. Well, that came to an end Thursday night at Biblical Seminary in Hatfield, PA, north of […]