Jesus Creed

Kris and I were in Sterling, VA, this weekend. We got to be with former students, Rob and Linda Merola, now serving at St. Matthew’s Episcopal. It was a delightful Sunday — I preached three times on Mary’s struggle with the cross-life — sealed when a man sang the praises of Rob’s pastoral efforts to me. I don’t remember his name, but I’m thankful. We are so proud of the ministry Rob and Linda have at St. Matthew’s.
Rob and Linda have two daughters, Christine and Mary. We saw Mary on Thursday evening and
Friday — she’s got a talent for drawing with fine pens. And she introduced us to Techno music! Christine visited a college Friday and got back to her home Saturday evening. It was great to catch up with her and get her feedback on which colleges she is thinking about.
And a highlight for us was meeting most of Rob’s side of the family: his mom and dad are up from SC for their 50th, and that meant that sisters Claire and Laura were and joined up with Matthew and Carla. We spent all of Saturday with the whole family at Harper’s Ferry. Fascinating and beautiful.
OK, yes, Kris and I wandered all day around the Tidal Basin and here are some pictures from our weekend in DC with the Merolas.
The Prez. We saw the Presidential helicopter fly off…
My First Lady: I love the Jefferson Memorial and what better way to show it off than have Krissy in front of it! (The cherry tree blossoms were mostly fallen.)
Rob and I arguing about the sacraments (haha)… down on Jefferson Rock at Harper’s Ferry. We walked away only to read we were not supposed to be on that rock!
John Brown’s infamous hideout in his war to liberate the slaves… also at Harper’s Ferry.

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