Jesus Creed

Last week we began looking at Pete Greig’s fine book, God on Mute. The book deals with the reality and struggle of the Christian when dealing with “unanswered” prayer — however you might want to define “unanswered.” I think one of the highlights of the book are the listing of reasons he gives for why our prayers are not answered as we’d like. Last week I gave the first four. Here are some more:
5. Doctrine: Does my prayer reflect God’s character and His promises in the Bible? Might it be out of line with his His will for my life?
6. Second best: Although my desire in prayer is for something good, is it possible that God has something even better in store for me?
7. Motive: Are my prayers essentially just selfish?
8. Relationship: Is there an opportunity here for going deeper in my relationship with God?
9. Free will: Am I expecting God to override someone’s free will?
10. Influence: Am I trying to exercise ungodly power over a person’s life in prayer?

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