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Christianity Today reports that James Dobson is leading a charge to remove Rev. Richard Cizik from the National Association of Evangelicals — he’s VP — because of his relentless concern with global warming. What is the logic here? Is it…
That Cizik is for environmental concerns about global warming.
Liberal Democrats are concerned with global warming.
Therefore Cizik is a liberal?
Or is Cizik’s concern inconsistent with something biblical?
The CT article states that the signatories asking for Cizik’s removal are not members of the NAE. Here’s something from the CT article: “The letter comes as some leading conservative Christians have been vocal in their criticisms and doubts about global warming, arguing against leading scientists who say global warming is human-induced, and saying the issue is not an appropriate focus for evangelicals.”
Well, someone always asks Jerry Falwell to weigh in and he never fails: “I am today raising a flag of opposition to this alarmism about global warming and urging all believers to refuse to be duped by these ‘earthism’ worshippers,” the Rev. Jerry Falwell.”
What I see going on is that Dobson and friends don’t think this is what “evangelical” means; perhaps there are evangelicals who don’t see things the way he does. In other words, let’s make room for all evangelicals.

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