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We’ll be down in North Carolina speaking at an emerging event with Tony Jones late next week; the event is called Keeping Jesus Revolutionary. And, as I said last week, we are in Indianapolis Sunday at East 91st Street Church.
Hahhhvahhd has a woman President.
David Fitch gets it.
Wanna see what we’re really like? Read Luke’s post here. Luke, this might explain why most of my posts are written days, even weeks, in advance.
If you are interested in learning about the house church movement, here is a good place to begin. It is now 3 years old, but it sketches the basics.
Speaking of which, TSK has a post up about “leaving church.”
Here’s a great story about an older church merging with an emerging church.
Diana Butler Bass reflects theologically on Anna Nicole Smith.
1. A good post by Doug Groothuis on Bill Craig’s little booklet on being a Christian academic. (HT: RJS)
2. Satire has its place; this sure does because I’ve been a bit amazed at what folks have said to me about my interest in Mary (as depicted in the Bible). My interview with the magazine is here.
3. On the “Map” link, I can explain Chicago by pizza, but I have my doubts about Milwaukee.
4. Bob Robinson teaching his kids to pray to the Trinity.
5. Great news! Tell the Administrators and muckity-mucks and get it inscribed in your contract: Naps are good for our health; and especially for males. For years I’ve been able to lean back and sleep hard for 10 minutes and wake up wide-awake and ready to go.
6. That’s my brother-in-law, Tom Norman, and his daughter, Riley.
7. Dan Brennan’s blog is now devoted to cross-gender friendships.
8. Continue to pray for Josh Buck, a young pastor in Grand Rapids.
9. What I like most about McCain is that he thinks independently. Others worry about him.
10. One of the kindest, brightest NT scholars ever has died: Bruce Metzger. (HT: Justin Taylor)
11. Wow.
Maybe the best part of the Pebble Beach golf tournament is that Bill Murray plays. For a gag, I think the TV folks could actually have a weekend slot given over to Bill Murray, Tiger Woods, Arnie Palmer, and Michael Jordan playing a round of golf. I’m laying down odds that it would be a hit. If Steve Shields is reading this, I’m guessing he knows the sports folks down the hall and they can tell someone important.
Could any outsider ever believe that NCAA Basketball and the NBA are actually the same sport? The NBA is two big guys wrestling while 8 others watch while 10,000 fans spend their time chatting or visiting food booths. NCAA hoops is 10 guys playing hard, coaches screaming like Hector is coming round the bend, and 20,000 fans making foolish fun out of it all.

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