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I’ll be in New Orleans this week lecturing at New Orleans Baptist Seminary on conversion and giving a few other less formal talks. Then next Sunday I’ll be in Indianapolis at East 91st Street for the Sunday services.
Our family was most grateful to hear that Willow Creekers gave $4.27 million last year to local, national, and world relief for a variety of concerns, most notably for AIDS and poverty. 500K of that was given to extension sites. The trend for more and more evangelical churches to extend themselves missionally into the community and world is notable.
New blog about the emerging movement in Africa. Bookmark it and keep your eyes posted, as I’ve spoken to some of these leaders and I was very, very impressed.
Tell Tony to bring his gloves and urge him not to bet on the outcome! Can you believe this young wippersnapper is accusing me of not believing in the Church?! HellOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.
1. The Bets and Mathis — she sat in the back row with curious eyes and wrote good papers. Now she’s married to Jay Baehr and has a baby with a super-cool name. Go on over and send them your wishes.
2. Another reason not to like soccer.
3. TW: That’s what I call a “cool site.”
4. A sad bird story about the endangered species, Whooping Cranes. Now news that one of the Cranes is alive.
5. iPhones: Soon you will be able to listen to iMusic and iTalk on the iPhone while you do your iJoggging and miss the iWorld.
6. Steve McCoy posted a Solomon’s Porch video and there is a good discussion at Steve’s site.
7. How many Christians in China? New study.
8. Weigh in on the greatest rivalries in sports.
9. Terri and Darren Moore standing up for the orphans.
10. Sam’s no longer a fundamentalist — and he’s a good friend of mine. Part one, Part two.
11. John Stackhouse weighs in on Anglican issues in Canada.
After Hester’s runback on the opening kickoff, our Bears were outplayed. To borrow a Cub line: Wait ’til next year. But the Bear schedule for next year requires the Bears to upgrade their team intensively.

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