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Psalm 119:133-134 uses two more words for the Torah: promises (imra) and precepts (piqud). Imra can mean “word” but “promissory word” is a little better. Implications are obvious: Torah is promissory word and preceptual word in order to guide the […]

In teaching this course on Women, Mary, and Jesus, I have been working my way through some crucial texts as the biblical and historical context for what we read about Mary and about women in the earliest churches. Here’s a […]

I want to spend some time this Lenten season reflecting how we naturally walk with Mary and Peter to the Cross, to Easter and then on to Pentecost. When I wrote The Real Mary, the one theme that came home […]

When I got back from New Orleans, I saw that Kris had laid out a new credit card for me to use. On our walk Friday morning, I asked if that card was a new credit card — to which […]

The third word used for Torah in Psalm 119:129-136 is “commandments” (mitzvot; v. 131). Attached to v. 131 is v. 132: because the psalmist longs for God’s mitzvot and because that longing expresses the psalmist’s love (v. 132b), he implores […]

I received a copy of a book that I could not review intelligently. It is by Vern Poythress and it is on science and faith, so I asked my friend, RJS (a science professor at a research institution), if she’d […]

Kris and I drove down to Indianapolis (home of the Colts) from Chicago (da Bears) Saturday afternoon because I was invited to speak at East 91st Street Church. Quite a set up and we had a wonderful time — the […]

I will be speaking at an event in Portland on Saturday, March 3. The event is called Crossing Borders, and I will be speaking twice — once in the afternoon to the youth and then in the evening to everyone […]

In Psalm 119:129-136 the psalmist uses seven different words to describe the Torah: today we look at the second word. It is “word/s” (devar). Psalm 119:130: “The unfolding of your words gives light; it gives understanding to the simple.”

Anyone who begins a chp with this quotation from TS Eliot has my attention: “The greatest proof of Christianity for others is not how far a man can logically analyze his reasons for believing, but how far in practice he […]