Jesus Creed

In Psalm 119:126, the psalmist informs God that “It is time for you to act, YHWH.” Why? “Your law is being broken.” We are back to the integrity of vv. 121-122 and the appeal he made there: now his appeal widens.
Get up and do something, he tells God. People all around me are violating the covenant by disobedience; the just (like him) are doing God’s will and it is not getting them anywhere. It would not be inappropriate to see the psalmist making a demand on God.
I doubt there is a more common theme to the Psalms than this one: God is summoned to act in accordance with his promise and, in so doing, to save the faithful from oppression.
It takes some chutzpah to make demands on God, but as I said on Monday, this psalmist is convinced of his own integrity because he knows he has obeyed God. Like Abraham or Moses or Job, he knows he has done God’s will. He knows God’s promises. He stands up and asks God to act. It will, I assume he thinks, glorify God to act out his promises and his justice to make his ways known and his judgments clear.

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