Jesus Creed

Well, I am embarassed to write this but…Feb 2 was the “anniversary” of Bob’s aortic dissection…hard to believe it’s been a year. I spent a long time reflecting and reading my journal of those days and weeks, and then months of all that transpired last year. I wrote a long email to you all, including many of the Scriptures that were so encouraging to me…guess it wasn’t that good afterall, since I accidentally deleted it after writing it. UGH!!!!
So, the bottom line of all my reflections was this: we saw a true miracle last year…one that all of you took part in with your prayers, encouragement and help. Why God saved Bob…I don’t know. But lest you–like I do–think that God doesn’t do miracles any more…or doesn’t answer prayers–remember how He saved Bob 1 year ago when all “statistics” say he should have died, and that his lengthy stay in the hospital and then repeated emergencies and surgery was a continual lesson to us of how the Body of Christ should work–in love, support and unity. I wrote in my journal each time any of you called or brought food or emailed…I will not forget how each one of you were so vital in helping me get through this. We sat down with the kids last night and talked about this…and the biggest thing they remember through the whole time was how fun (yes!) it was to have so many people here, and have surprise meals coming…you made a lasting impression on their little hearts, when the memories could have been so much worse.
May we all see God work so mightily this year.!!!!

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