Jesus Creed

Recently I was filling up my Visconti Van Gogh fountain pen, drawing ink through the converter from a bottle of Parker black ink, when I somehow got a little ink on my finger. I wondered if anyone would notice, not in a bad sort of way but a good sort of way. What do I mean?
Of course, I was hoping someone would notice. A little blotch of ink on a finger or even a shirt pocket is a “spot” of distinction. It reveals to all those who care — and more are learning that fountain pens are a commitment to our past and future — that you are fountain pen user. 8) Sometimes one can draw a subtle smile or a wink or even a nod of recognition from fellow fountain pen users.
Not long ago I was in the office of David Parkyn, the President at North Park University, when I observed he was using a Mont Blanc fountain pen. Was I the only one that day who observed he had a small, black spot on his right index finger? Had he just filled his pen or had his finger slipped down on the nib? Didn’t matter. I don’t think he realized I noticed his spot of distinction.

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