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I wrote last week about my new shoes, Born Blast. I got a pair of black ones, and they are like walking on air — comfortable and an easy fit. So, I suggested to Kris that I buy a pair of brown ones – just like the black ones. Then I’d be covered for all my wardrobe — which really isn’t well thought out at all. Kris’ response of what she saw as l’ style d’ faux pas was a decisive “bad idea” kind of thing, and I’m curious about what you think. Is it OK to have two of something?
Who notices my feet?, I say to myself. I wore them several times last week and no one said a stinkin’ word and not only that, no one seemed even to look. So, I’m thinking that my comfort is far more important than my appearance.
Is this a male-weakness on my part?
First, here’s what I’m talking about:
born-black.jpg born-brown.jpg
Second, my tendency is this: if I like something a lot, why not have more than one? I don’t buy one golf ball at a time and I don’t buy different kinds of golf balls; I like Titleist so I have boxes of them. Once I bought four identical Oxford shirts in four different colors — I was done shirt-shopping for two years or more. We’ve got two Toyotas — not one Toyota and one Dodge.
So, my contention is this: since I’ve found a pair of shoes that I really like, why not have two? I wear either black or brown shoes. Is there something wrong — style-wise — in having more than one of the same item — different color, of course?

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