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I no longer run, though at one time I was a cross country runner and did plenty of running or playing basketball after my college years. Other than the benefits of running for health, perhaps the most singular benefit to […]

The psalmist says that because he muses on the God’s Torah all day long, he has “gained more insight than all his teachers” (119:99).

This is our last post about Richard Dawkins’ book The God Delusion, and we here cover chp. 10: A Much Needed Gap? Here he examines the supposed gap in our hearts/minds that religion contends it fills. He, of course, contends […]

I had a wonderful experience yesterday. I met with 25 emerging pastors and church leaders and Christians from South Africa who are here to learn how they can become more missional as Christians and churches in South Africa.

Listening to the Bible the way one delights in the words of the one whom we love leads to wisdom. I don’t know how you define wisdom, but here’s mine:

Because many of my readers know our interest in women in ministry and as you may recall our interest in Ruth Tucker and what happened at Calvin, you might want to know about this. On the term zealotry, see the […]

I want to devote a series of posts to Alan Hirsch’s new book, The Forgotten Ways: Reactivating the Missional Church (Baker: Brazos, 2006). I will kick it off today with a brief whetting of your appetite to purchase this book […]

Psalm 119:97-104, the section labeled mem because every sentence begins with this letter, is about Bible study, or more accurately, Torah devotion. Today we look at v 97 and v 104.

What a fun game for us. Good defense and the Bears made some great offensive adjustments in the 3d quarter to gain their momentum back. Check this out (at the Sports line at the bottom). What a lucky guess!

Let nothing disturb thee, nothing affright thee; all things are passing, God never changeth!